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Memang salah satu strategi pemasaran jitu adalah iklan yang berkesan sehingga penonton televisi gampang ingat dengan produk yang dipasarkannya melalui tayangan serta kiasan kata-kata lucu.
Tapi gak jarang juga sih akhirnya mereka malah bikin iklan yang norak, aneh, bahkan porno! Dari Iklan biskuit coklat yang menggunakan kata gigit dan sedot ujungnya, iklan pompa air yang menayangkan wanita sexy lagi basah-basahan, ada lagi iklan gula yang seperti mengajak semua orang berdiabetes massal. Belum lagi iklan profil calon politik yang "meng-ambigukan" kata-kata semboyan partai yang terkesan tidak ada valuenya.
Ini nih yang bikin aku bingung  kenapa kok berbagai macam publikasi kadang mempertaruhkan reputasi perusahan atau bahkan citra orang yang dituju. padahal seperti contohnya iklan pencalonan capres dari salah satu partai yang iklannya terkesan maaf, "kurang berkelas" maksud dan isi pesannya. Seharusnya mereka tau, untuk menarik pandangan orang, buatlah iklan dengan isi pesan yang sesuai dengan intelegensi dari pemilihan kata-kata yang baik, lha jangan malah bikin yang liat malah jadi gak simpatik, malah bahkan merasa "bising" dengan  iklan tersebut. Seakan-akan mereka cuma fokus sama iklannya aja, dipikir kalau diadakan pengulangan iklan secara terus-menerus orang akan melihat dengan "ikhlas" tayangan itu? atau memilih caleg / capres tersebut? gak janji! bahkan saya pernah terganggu sama salah satu iklan partai yang bunyinya "pan..pan..delapaaaaan!" begitu denger nadanya langsung switch channel.

Well, yang paling mengerikan adalah memasukan unsur porno kedalam iklan. Belum tentu yang orang lihat itu produknya. Sangat memungkin sekali kalau iklan itu menggundang tindakan pornografi juga, misalnya karena "terpancing" melihat keseksian tubuh wanita di iklan pompa air yang lagi basah-basahan dia malah merefleksikan hasratnya keorang lain, apalagi seperti kasus yang booming belakangan, tentang pelecehan seksual anak dibawah umur.
Beraharap, pihak perizinan iklan harus lebih selektif "melepaskan" iklan yang mau dipublikasikan ke khalayak.

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Experiences and good advice from cassandra niki

Reacting To The Bad Things People Say About You

Hello again dear readers,

Life at the bay has been hard on me the past month, but it just started to get going and good. I've been exploring many new places, meeting a lot of interesting people and basically doing a bunch of school projects I hope to share with you soon.

Although, I just recently had to discover someone, whom I thought was my friend, saying such horrible things about me behind my back. Now, things like these, I have no idea how to approach it.

Since being a child, I've heard many things I wish I never heard, but growing up taught me to somehow block it all. I got used to discarding things I don't like to hear. So, usually, hateful comments never really bother me.

I've been called some pretty awful names; slut, poser, fake, copycat, cheap, ugly, skeleton body, boobless, inconsiderate, boyfriend stealer - just to name a few. But seriously, I never really cared. Since people that label me those words, barely know me at all.

It's interesting when people call me names like "fake" or "poser" since my life is, literally, an open fucking book. There's nothing you can't find out about me. You can google me and learn so much shit about my life. Buy my book and literally, open it and know it all. When I meet strangers, I openly tell them anything. There's nothing you can't find out about me, there's nothing I hide. I enjoy being open about the stuff I love, hate or am indifferent about.

If you think I "stole" your boyfriend, maybe you should rethink the relationship and rather than calling people names, how about understanding why your boyfriend is so easy to "steal". If you think I'm a slut, well, sexuality is part of being human. I ain't ashamed of that and it seems like you got a lot of growing up to do. And people that still use the phrase "copycat" are fucking hilarious; it's almost impossible to be 100% original, don't expect me to believe that you invented that haircut or that poem you wrote was not inspired by anything you've read in the past.

It's interesting when people call me "inconsiderate", because really, I'm just being honest. I'm a very honest person. I'm a Sagittarius if you can't believe me. I tell the brutal truth to people's faces, because I treasure honesty - lies, in the end always hurt. That's just the kind of friend I am. I'm honest as in, I'll let you know if that dress makes you look fat or if that song you like is the most horrible thing I've heard. Ok, on second thought, I might be inconsiderate.

But still, when I think we're friends, I would never ever ever ever say shit behind you. When you fuck me up, I'd probably still love you and have your back.

I'm pretty realistic too, which is why I don't really have best friends. I have a comfy amount of good friends and that makes me happy enough. I understand people change, people grow up, people move away. I don't hold on too much on friends, because independence is a lovely thing. And expectations, always leads to disappointment. Which is also why, I let go of friends when I think it's necessary, avoiding to become frenemies. I'm always open to friendship but I'm pretty chill if we don't talk on the phone everyday. You can do whatever you want, and I'll be here when you want to talk. But the thing is, when I trust you and believe that we actually have a friendship, I expect you to respect and appreciate me and everything we shared.

I really don't know how to approach this, how to react, how to feel and what the fuck I should say to this particular person. But here's what I know for sure, when you talk shit about my dead father and my family, you're a fucking asshole and I hope that you step on a lego and get a STD.


Deep thoughts, detailed from Hannah Al Rashid from her blog "a Child of all nations"

Religion. Politics. Pancasila. Ignorance.

Today I read an interesting article online. Reading it fuelled a fire already burning within me on a topic that gets me perfectly agitated. Many say that Religion is an issue that is highly sensitive for most people, and is therefore one that should be avoided. Now, when you add Politics into the fire, you pretty much know you’re going to get burned, and no one gets out of that looking pretty.

I found the article whilst checking a friend’s Twitter Timeline. The caption read “Indonesia Is No Model For Muslim Democracy” and was written by Andreas Harsono, a researcher for theAsiadivision of Human Rights Watch, and published in The New York Time’s Opinion Pages.

It’s a great article. And it speaks a lot of truth about a country and a people, I myself, have on occasion lost faith in. It begins with a quote from Hilary Clinton,

“If you want to know whether Islam, democracy, modernity and women’s rights can coexist, go to Indonesia.”

I used to believe this.

Growing up in London, as an Indonesian Muslim, I prided myself on the tolerant and moderate stance most Indonesian Muslims take. On various occasions I saw my country being referenced by the British media as a model of ‘good’ Islam, one that is not extremist, and one that the Middle East should follow. Activities within the Indonesian community were always well-balanced, all religions and cultures were celebrated. My favourite example will always be one of the Sarjana family, a Balinese Hindu family. Om and Tante (aunty and uncle) Sarjana would open their house to all and celebrate all religious holidays with the entire community, Eid, Christmas or Nyepi, everyone would get together, eat and be merry. Now thatis, for me, the perfect example of Indonesian religious tolerance and celebration. The thing is, from my experience, Indonesians abroad and Indonesians back home are often polar opposites. Unfortunately, I have met very few families like the Sarajanas, in Indonesia, who are as tolerant and as hospitable.

Before moving to Indonesia, I would have agreed entirely with Hilary Clinton. But then I moved to Indonesia…and I was suddenly led along a path of religious destruction hahaha

It’s funny how I had to move to the largest Muslim country in the world to lose faith in my own religion. After 2 years of torturous, non-stop clogs turning in my head on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that, it’s not God that I lost faith in, but my fellow Muslim brethren. And I think, with perfect validity.

I agree with almost everything Andreas Harsono writes in his article. Seeing Muslims in this country makes me sick to my stomach. And seeing the government use Islam as a tool for their own sinister agendas brings a sense of frustration I never thought I would ever feel. I must say before I continue, that of course not allMuslims in this country are like that, I don’t believe that at all, it’s just unfortunate that the media highlights shit Muslims as opposed to good ones.

Religious discrimination is rife in a country whose national constitution is supposed to support religious freedom. Let’s look at the philosophic foundation of the Indonesian state, Pancasila.
Belief in one God.
Just and civilised humanity
The unity of Indonesia
Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives
Social Justice for all of the people of Indonesia

I urge you to read the article, or continue to follow local media reports, and try and see for yourselves which ‘principles’ of Pancasila are actually followed.

A belief in One God is the first principle of Pancasila, yet it appears the government, in their actions and policies, and who also by the way, supports the activities of extremist groups such as FPI (Islamic Defenders Front), are picky about which ‘God’ we’re talking about. If you worship the God of Islam, life is easy for you and you are free to live life in accordance with your religion without trouble. If you are non-Muslim, prepare to have it hard. The continuing saga of the HKBP Filadelphia congregation of the Batak Christian Protestant Church in Bekasi, makes me fucking furious. A few days ago, during worship, they had stones and bags of urine thrown at them by members of FPI, and the police stood by and watched. Is there anything Just or Humane or Civilised about this? Erm, Social Justice? (That’s principles 2 and 5 of Pancasila crossed out then)

I don’t think there’s any point in me trying to break down principle no.4 of Pancasila (Democracy); the comical and ‘no-backbone’ theatrics of our politicians and president speak for themselves. I think it’s possible to say that the fundamental principles that this country built itself on are DEAD.

Not being a fan of politics, although having studied a far bit of it at University, I have little hope of things getting better in Indonesia. During the last presidential election, I even began to think that the Indonesian system is perhaps too democratic, the amount of ‘caleg’ and visible presence of election campaigns across the country was ridiculous to say the least. Every Tom, Dick and Harry suddenly became a ‘caleg’. There’s the term ‘spoilt for choice’, and we were indeed spoiled with SHIT choices.

Sometimes I think my momentary (well it lasted close to 2 years to be honest) loss of faith was a huge blessing. I began to question everything, and there is never anything wrong with questioning things or with a continuous longing to seek knowledge. Knowledge about everything, about all religions, not just those that were prescribed to us at birth. To my knowledge (please do correct me if I am wrong) religion in the Indonesian education system is taught in a segregated fashion, Muslims are taught about Islam, Catholics are taught about Catholicism etc. Perhaps this segregation plays part in the birth of narrow-mindedness, intolerance and blatant religious discrimination in this country.

In London, from an early age, all religions are taught to the entire class. London is a melting-pot of cultures, races and religions, and our religious education represented this. I learnt about Christmas and Easter, about Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and in turn, about my own Prophet Muhammad. An in my adult life, I made it a point to read about other religions, because for me ignorance is not bliss. Being ignorant about anything in this world is for me, a sin, and I have an insatiable thirst to learn about as many things as I can before I leave this world. I credit my open-mindedness about religion to my early exposure to people of all religions in school, but also through my home life. My father’s family is Muslim, my mother’s family is Catholic, but my mother converted to Islam, and I was raised as a Muslim, but I celebrated Christmas, as well as Eid, as a child, but that’s another story I will save for another blog post. What I’m trying to say is that the government, whether intentionally or not is keeping its people ignorant, and ignorance is what fuels the inhumane and uncivilised behaviour or people like the FPI.

FPI or Front Pembela Islam, may as well stand for Front Pembela IGNORANCE.

And with that, I will shut up, and pray (in whatever way I see fit) and urge you to pray (to whatever entity you believe or do not believe in) for a world less cruel, and harmony and humanism as opposed to chaos in our beloved Indonesia.

source :

I was a fan of her

When Ika natassa wrote about "muse" and her explanation of the various muse of great artists.
She is my muse...
behold in one blog post tittled "MUSE"
Guys.. just read to bottom yes?


Jujur, aku sebenarnya tidak pernah bercita-cita jadi penulis. Penulis itu penipu massal. Penulis fiksi maksudnya, seperti aku sekarang. Kerjanya menjual mimpi-mimpi yang jadi penyebab utama banyaknya perempuan jaman sekarang yang delusional, berharap akan bertemu laki-laki sempurna seperti di novel-novel tulisan penulis sepertiku. Membangun ekspektasi mustahil tentang kualitas pasangan. Ujung-ujungnya, pasangan sendiri saja sampai dibanding-bandingkan dengan tokoh idola fiksi mereka.

Tokoh rekaanku. Yang cuma ada di khayalan. Hasil percampuran setoples kastengels dan belasan cangkir kafein cair.

Terkadang, aku juga sering dituduh bahwa cerita-cerita yang aku tulis itu adalah kisah nyata. “Kenalin dong, Mbak, sama (isi nama tokoh fiksi laki-laki idola sejagad raya hasil khayalanku yang paling mutakhir), pasti ada orang benerannya kan? Ada kan? Ada kan? Mau dong ketemu aslinya.”

Girls, please, if guys like that exist, I would be too busy fucking them than write about them, don’t you think?

Kalau mereka mau sih.

Tapi masa nggak mau, gue keren gini. Udah, nggak usah protes.

Anyway, terkait pertanyaan-pertanyaan tentang tokoh nyata itu, aku harus akui, bahwa setiap seniman – penulis tergolong seniman juga kan? – pasti punya muse. Apa ya bahasa Indonesia-nyamuse? Sumber inspirasi? Ya itulah pokoknya.

Dalam mitologi Yunani, muse ini merupakan dewi-dewi yang menjadi inspirasi terciptanya karya seni, sains, dan sastra. Ada sembilan: Clio, Thalia, Erato, Euterpe, Polyhimnia, Calliope, Terpsichore, Urania, dan Melpmene, kesembilannya adalah anak perempuan Zeus dan Mnemosyne. Dalam kehidupan sekarang, yang menjadi muse seorang seniman tentu bukan lagi dewi-dewi ini – aku saja baru tahu nama-nama dewi-dewi setelah meng-Google – tapi orang yang bikin inspirasi mengalir. Bisa satu orang, bisa juga semua orang-orang yang kami temui sehari-hari.

Fashion designer biasanya yang paling kelihatannya muse-nya siapa. Kate Moss, sering disebut-sebut sebagai muse-nya Marc Jacobs. Audrey Hepburn menjadi muse Hubert de Givenchy sehingga lahir gaun hitam legendaris yang dipakai Hepburn di film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Madonna, yes the singer, juga punya peran sebagai muse Jean Paul Gaultier. Christian Louboutin mengakui Dita von Teese sebagai muse-nya.

Di dunia film ada Tim Burton yang sepertinya tidak bisa lepas dari Johnny Depp dan Helena Bonham Carter. Di lukisan, Pablo Picasso menghasilkan karya-karya terbaiknya terinspirasi perempuan simpanannya, Marie-Thérèse Walter.

Tapi penulis jarang sekali menyatakan jelas-jelas siapa muse-nya. Contohnya Stephen King, di bukunya On Writing, cuma bilang: “Traditionally, the muses were women, but mine’s a guy; I’m afraid we’ll just have to live with that.” Siapa laki-laki yang dia maksud, tidak pernah diungkapkan. Dan setahuku, penulis-penulis terkenal lainnya, dari berbagai interview atau artikel yang pernah kubaca, juga tidak pernah membahas muse-nya siapa, biasanya yang mereka ceritakan adalah kebiasaan menulis. James Joyce menulis sambil tiduran tengkurep dengan menggunakan pensil berwarna biru. Virginia Woolf menyisihkan dua setengah jam setiap pagi untuk menulis, di atas meja yang dirancang khusus sehingga dia bisa ‘melihat’ karyanya dari dekat dan dari jauh. Hemingway suka mengetik naskahnya sambil berdiri. Agatha Christie mengunyah apel di dalam bak mandi sambil menghayal-hayalkan plot pembunuhan yang akan ia tulis. Dewi Lestari pernah menyewa kamar kos dan menulis di situ dari pagi sampai sore saat menyelesaikan Perahu Kertas.

Most writers talk about their writing habits, but rarely – if never – about their muse.

Me? Aku tidak punya meja yang dirancang khusus, tidak menulis sambil berdiri karena bok pegel kali, tidak juga mengunyah apel di bak mandi (mending mengunyah yang lain), atau sampai menyewa kamar kos. Tidak ada yang unik tentang ritual menulisku. Raia Risjad cuma bangun jam tujuh setiap Sabtu pagi, ada yang bikinin kopi dan toast, kemudian sarapan di atas tempat tidur sambil menuangkan apa pun ide yang di kepala ke laptop. That’s it. Bahkan sebelum mandi, aku bisa melahirkan belasan halaman.

But here I am, jam sebelas pagi, hampir setengah dua belas sebenarnya, duduk di depan laptop, dan halaman Word ini masih putih bersih. Cuma ada cursor yang berkedip-kedip menunggu digerakkan dari tadi. Dari jam tujuh pagi tadi.

Lebih tepatnya, sejak dua puluh empat bulan yang lalu. Waktu si mas-mas pembuat kopi dan toastitu meninggalkan rumah ini.

Aku bisa membayangkan sebalnya wajah Alam jika mendengar aku menyebutnya mas-mas.

In fact, Alam is far from the image of the so-called ‘mas-mas’. Tubuhnya tinggi, bahkan saat aku mengenakan hak tujuh sentimeter, kepalaku hanya sampai di ujung bibirnya. Kulitnya cerah, cenderung putih, yang membuat pipinya selalu kelihatan sangat memerah setiap dia kepanasan di luar, dan wajahnya selalu kesal setiap aku meledeknya: “Mbak, blush on-nya bagus, mereknya apa?” Rambutnya ikal, selalu dipotong pendek sempurna. Sempurna buat diacak-acak dan dijambak sedikit tiap aku sedang gemes. Dan bibir tipisnya selalu mencetus pelan dengan suaranya yang dalam: “Raia, aku ini laki-laki, bukan kucing peliharaan. Seneng banget sih ngacak-ngacak.”

*a teaser for my upcoming story entitled Muse, to be published later this year ;)

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memories are like sunshine

I am ready to meet you,moon. I wont sleep with sadness.

I will quietly fall asleep with peacefulness.

I believe that memories are like sunshine.

They warm you up, and left a pleasant glow.
You even couldn't hold them.

But one thing that I love about sunshine is.. always there in everyday

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iseng iseng jawabin kuis

Dari ini adalah link kuis yang hasil akhirnya bikin gue thrilling :D ada delapan soal menarik yang asyik banget buat di jawab, yang pasti soal ini gak sesusah soal ujian nasional kok, tinggal jawab aja terus cocokin deh sama jawaban dan filosofinya

Gue jadi tau sedikit kepribadian gue. Simak!

Pada dasarnya gue itu tertarik sama orang yang elegan dan sopan karena di soal pertama itu gue milih hewan rusa, karena karakter hewan rusa sebagai binatang yang elegan dan sopan. Dan pada masa pendekatan sama seseorang, prospek gue itu mengarah ke lelaki yang kreatif dan gak bikin gue cepet ngerasa bosen, jadi buat lelaki yang jaim dan pemalu harus lebih semangat dan gak jaim. Nah dalam soal kedua gue milih hewan monyet, yang karakternya itu kreatif dan gak ngebosenin. Soal ketiga, gue dikasih pertanyaan “Jika kamu dikutuk sama Tuhan menjadi hewan, dan kamu diberi kebebasan untuk memilih, kamu ingin dikutuk sebagai hewan apa?” gue jawab sebagai –Anjing- ternyata ini membuktikan kalau kesan pertama yang ingin gue liatin ke pacar adalah gue wanita yang setia dan bisa dipercaya. Dan ketika gue putus hubungan dengan seorang lelaki, karakter gue berubah menjadi buaya. Buaya di soal ini disimbolkan sebagai hewan yang sadis. Sadis dalam artian kalau sikap gue bisa berubah dingin, sangat dingin dan menjadi pendendam yang hampir tidak pernah memunculkan kemarahan ke permukaan, tapi hanya diam dan memendam. Di soal ke lima disini menjelaskan kalau gue mendambakan hubungan dengan waktu yang relative panjang dengan seorang pria. Memasuki soal ke enam dan ke tujuh ternyata gue takut akan sebuah pernikahan, gue pun trauma sama yang namanya komitmen ( too good to be true! Yes it was me ). Di soal ke delapan gue menganggap kalau cinta itu seperti merpati, cinta itu adalah rasa yang terbentuk dari sepasang kekasih.

Try the quiz, to kill boredom in office

working time does sometimes make sleepy head, I opened an account path see my friend posting a link quiz from I tried as much as four tests, the end result is..

I have a character like pink color. so cute!
The quiz was explained I was a very excited person, but I also can control when I had to stop & enjoy the flying times only myself and I. In my spare time, I also prepare to deal with a large force. I am a hard-working, by doing my best to excellent results. I believe this test is perfect with my personality situation. Right in time..

The second test I prove. Who I am as in a fairy tale character. as Gnome!
I can appear, and I have trouble knowing to help. But, people have to know that I was steadfest and can be a loyal friend too.

However, I dont felt embarrassed at all, if many people have told me I'm like a woman aged 25, I was lucky to get the final result, that my mental age as 25.
I did see myself had grown up, by the way how I can handle my own problems, how to accept victory and defeat, how to live a hard reality, how to be deal with my self, how to behave to many people who have a personality and a different mindset in my real age 20. :)

I was an animal beaver. Creative, practical & very well organized. I really like helping people if they in trouble.In result also said how lucky ones who close and know more me, either friends or parents.
wow, this is great! How can a quiz can be motivated to change my mood!

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Broken appointment

what was on his mind? someone who contacted me through a social chat at one o'clock, he says will deliver a book in which he had prepared for me. This is one of my friends. He promised to bring the book directly to my residence, after he said he was prepared to go to where I was. I was waiting and I'm okey.
10 hours later there was no call or chat to notice that he DID NOT COME!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

We are stranger but with memories

In your dreams were made illegal by the laws of lesser evil we call life but not tonight, cause I dare you to love. I call you back now & I end up. How it feels? hell. Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed. Through timeless words and priceless pictures.
There comes a time for us to part, Then right back to the start.
I know what I'm supposed to do to get myself away from you that I used to be when it was you and me.
you really drain my soul and even though it hurts I can't slow down, walls are closing in. Whispers of tomorrow echo in my mind.
Strong..Since I been flying and riding the wrongs. it feels almost like I had it all along.
oh.. don't mind my nerve, you could call it fiction.Cause I like being submerged in your contradictions. It's not a bird, not a plane. It's my heart and its going gone away
I could never call you mine 'Cause I could never call myself yours.  if we were really meant to be, well then we just defied destiny It's not that our love died, we just never really bloomed

I was blushing mint when you are green tea

laying down in a man who drunk for a glass of "green tea" while I choose blushing mint to flush some reckless in a shitty day.
Here a little conversation goes..
I heard from your closest friend, you've been told I was mint. cause, I often get people blushing with mint treatment. Why? "yes it was you..cause my first impression about you was cold. cold, fresh, fun"
okey, can I have hot black forest for the next? oh.. Yes. but what do you think about black forest? "Spooky"

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life fulfillment dan enjoyment

"It's not what you are good at, it's what you enjoy the most"

Ditemukan Dalam suatu artikel, yang memuat tentang dirinya lewat interview eksklusif dengan Author buku Carrer Snippet, Rene Suhardono. 
Jerry Aurum memaparkan sebuah gambaran tentang passion yang mendasari awal pembentukan karirnya. 

Life fulfillment dan enjoyment selalu mendasari setiap tindakan dan inisiatif dalam diri seorang Jerry. Karyanya pun merefleksikan nilai nilai yang dia yakini. 
Seakan uang dan ketenaran tidak perlu dituju, keduanya hanyalah salah satu wujud apresiasi terhadap karya dan kontribusi. 
Berikut cuplikan artikel tersebut...

What your passion? 
My passion is all about creating. In my line of work, I choose photography as my main interest. Why? It just comes from within. Something that I enjoyed starting doing since day one and slowly become better in it. But I have learned that I never  want to be trapped in my self-created box. I also enjoy designing, architecture, writing and movies. They all contribute knowledge and imaginations one to another, and keep fulfilling eaclch other every time I get better in one field. 

What made you decide to do what you're doing right now?
It's not one day decision. It's kind of trial and error combined with courage, risk taking and irresistible urge to keep doing it. Besides, I felt like my creator has given me a little bit of talent in my profession, so it never really give too much thoughts on my reasons anymore, it's more about how I can improve myself and my team every time we have project obstacle.

Youa are a well-known designer and photograper - how do you balance between the need to make yourself a better person against your "eksternal archivement" 
In a creative field like I do, I believe that you can't do a better work if you fail to make yourself a better person. Once you lose interest, your work will look crappy. So self development is equally as important. We have to remind ourselves that many other things are also nice besides our passion. 
And the best part is whatever nice may always contribute back to our passion. It's never a waste to take a couple of months off for creative mind.

Setelah membaca artikel tadi, tentu banyak pemikiran yang membuat saya, lebih wise dalam mengambil sudut pandang suatu situasi yang tengah saya hadapi sebelum-sebelumnya. 
Segala hal yang saya jalankan akan lebih nikamat bila di samping itu terdapat passion yang mengiringi.
Intinya kerjakan / buatlah hal apapun yang kita suka dan nikmatilah itu, untuk hasil dan penghargaan tentu dikesampingkan dahulu, agar hasil yang akan kita terima dalam prosesnya bukan hanya sekedar dinilai baik, tapi kita juga dinilai berkompeten dalam hal tersebut. 

Good Father

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too
          - John Mayer, Daughters -

Ayah membelikan aku sebuah laptop berwarna merah muda, aku ingat betul waktu itu kenaikan kelas sebelas. Aku memang minta dibelikan laptop untuk kebutuhan tugas sekolah.Tanpa bersusah payah merayu, ayah langsung ganti baju untuk mengantarkan aku ke sebuah acara pameran komputer di Gramedia expo, saat itu aku tinggal di Surabaya. 
Sesampainya di acara pameran, aku berkeliling melihat - lihat display laptop yang di pajang.
Sungguh banyak dan bagus - bagus, apalagi warnanya.. bikin makin bingung mau beli yang mana. 
Tiba - tiba Ayah membawaku ke salah satu sudut etalase, ada Laptop berwarna pink soft dengan layar 14 inch. Tanpa banyak bicara aku langsung manggut - manggut meng-iya-kan tawarannya. 
Dengan perasaan bahagia, aku peluk erat -erat laptop itu di perjalanan pulang hingga sampai dirumah.
Beberapa bulan setelah pembelian laptop ini, aku memang sangat merasa terbantu karena tugas - tugas sekolah dalam bentuk power point dengan begitu mudahnya aku kerjakan. 

Sore menjelang maghrib Ayah pulang kantor, dan memanggilku untuk datang ke ruang tengah. Ternyata aku di belikan laptop lagi dengan spec yang lebih canggih dan merk yang lebih bagus, laptop itu limited editon khusus bulan Februari bertepatan dengan perayaan Valentine, warnanya merah muda menyeluruh sampai bagian dalam keyboard nya, sungguh laptop yang bagus. Tapi aku agak kesal mengapa ayah begitu boros, padahal laptop yang sebelumnya, baru aku gunakan sekitar tiga bulan.
Bukan hanya itu, dia membelikan mouse, sd card, card reader, penyambung tambahan usb, dan headphone yang semuanya berwarna senada, yaitu merah muda. 
Ayah mungkin berpendapat bahwa aku menyukai warna itu, sebenarnya aku lebih suka warna coklat. Tapi semenjak ayah membelikan aku barang - barang berwarnah merah muda, aku jadi mulai suka warna merah muda

Ayah selalu membelikan barang - barang yang bagus, padahal aku belum memintanya, ayah selalu ingin memberikan barang yang istimewa. Ayah sangat memanjakan aku, tapi setelah aku beranjak dewasa hingga lulus SMA, aku membuat suatu pilihan sendiri untuk kelanjutan pendidikan. 
Aku memutuskan untuk kuliah di salah satu perguruan tinggi di tanah kelahiranku di ibu kota. 
Kejadian yang aku ingat adalah ketika kedua orang tua mengantarkan aku ke bandara, saat menunggu take off ayah sama sekali tidak mau duduk disampingku, beliau malah berdiri di suatu sudut. Mungkin ayah takut apabila ia tidak dapat menahan air matanya untuk melepas keberangkatan anaknya.
Kontras dengan mama yang sedari tadi sudah terisak - isak tangisnya. 
Tapi saat ini, saat aku menulis ini, malah aku yang susah payah untuk menahan air mata. 
Aku sendirian disini, tanpa mereka. 
Sulit untuk menangisi hal yang tak seharusnya di tangisi. Aku tau aku rindu.
Semoga Tuhan selalu ada untuk mu, Ayah dan Mama.

Rumahku adalah dimana ibuku berada

karena saya begitu menyayangi dia sehingga saya ingin dia sempurna, rasanya memang menyakitkan kalau cinta kita terlalu besar,
aku selalu berusaha untuk bangkit dari bayang-bayang masa lalu dimana dulu dia berteriak disertai nafas yang kembang kempis entah karena nada bicaranya bersemangat atau kehabisan nafas akibat emosi. baru aku mengerti di saat umur berjalan di angka belasan, dia adalah orang dewasa dan aku balita nakal yang suka bolak-balik tangga. Benar saja kepalaku bocor dan meninggalkan bekas luka di alis mata sebelah kiri hingga sampai saat ini terpajang disitu. ia terlalu bermakna untuk di acuhkan, terlalu dekat untuk di jauhkan, terlalu mustahil untuk di lupakan terlalu berharga untuk di tinggalkan, terlalu berarti bagiku sampai harus mendoa’kannya di setiap shalat lima waktuku.
maaf, maaf ma.. aku sekarang sudah enambelas tahun sudah duduk di bangku SMA, sudah tidak ada lagi yang perlu di cemaskan dari anak tangga yang ujungnya meruncing dan anak yang tidak bisa dinasehati dengan kata halus , walau begitu dia tidak pernah membuat luka di tubuhku dengan tindakan gelap mata, meskipun nanti masalah yang di temukan akan datang dengan penyelesaian yang makin sulit.
bentakan yang menyebalkan merupakan peringatan, omelan tajam yang keluar dari bibir tipis itu adalah tanda cinta, ucapan yang dikeluarkan adalah doa, semua hal, semua perlakuan, apapun kelakuanya adalah semata kerena ketulusan jiwa raganya demi anak yang dia jaga di dalam perutnya selama sembilan bulan, untuk nyawa yang pernah ia bendung di dalam kesakitan tubuhnya bahkan dialah satu-satunya manusia di bumi ini yang menyayangi nyawa ku melabihi nyawanya sendiri, meski dia adalah bukan gambaran ibu impian yang selalu membelai rambutku disaat aku sedang duduk berdua di ruang tv namun dialah seseorang yang tidak pernah menuntutku untuk menjadi sempurna, dengan memberikan nafasnya untuk aku nafaskan.
Sudahlah... aku terlalu lelah dengan rasa benciku dengan aturannya yang selalu bilang " pungut kotoran yang jatuh di lantai , kalau jijik dengan semut yang bergerombol" " bersihkan centong jika masih ada sebutir nasi yang menempel" , " buang sisa makanan ke tempat sampah setelah mencuci piring agar tidak menyumbat saluran air", "habiskan air yang sudah di tuang ke gelas jangan suka membuangnya" "rapihkan botol sampo dan puff ketempatnya seperti semula , 10 menit cukup untuk mandi sampai bersih" , "jangan lupa lap kaki setelah dari kamar mandi , kalau tidak mau jatuh seperti kemarin". (sempurna.., logika ini membuat mataku terbuka)
Sekarang saatnya anak perempuan bersahabat dengan ibunya seorang malaikat yang mengorbankan sayapnya untuk menjadikanku manusia, lalu bagaimana? segera berbaik-baiklah dengan dia, dan penuhilah wajahnya dengan seribu ciuman, selagi kita masih bisa mendengar suaranya yang tidak enak didengar itu, selagi dia masih mampu repot-repot menceramahi dengan mulut yang berbusa, berdamai, dan mulailah hidup dengan cinta yang sempurna, cuma dia ibu kita, mau dicari keliling dunia tetap kita merupakan "cetakan" yang telah di stempel dengan cap yang telah melekat di diri kita.

Please Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Hii readers, great feelings to start write my first posting.
I would give my opinion about topic in which lately discussed by the public.
Ever you seen the program tv show as we all know it 'Mata Najwa' ? Some time ago.. Mata Najwa presented Farhat abbas as a man who running to become The NEXT Mr.President. .
Yesterday was a day, there lot of people intensely repath video for Bung Farhat abbas and Najwa who was doing interactive talk that horrendous people in all social media is..
In the video there is a trap question by najwa which reverses question the vision of Farhat.
Najwa frequently asked questions about what the program will be made by farhat when he was selected to be president

Najwa : “ What vision you have planned if you have successfully selected as president? “
Farhat : "I will make education free of charge"
Najwa: "if everyone would get it?"
Farhat: "oh, of course not, only the smart can be free, which is not smart they have to pay"
Najwa: "okay good. How when you're at school? your paid or free?"
farhat: "I paid"
From the conversation, viewers judged that farhat is fool. And that’s all the conversations that have been horrendous society. And not only these thing that make a lot of people not enthusiastic to him. Previously he had a lot make insinuations whether it criticized political issues, celebrities, and other things. By making a lot of people angry over his sharp words. It really look creepy for a lawyer like him to say too much on his social account. Yeah, as Indonesian society, we know Farhat abbas worked as a lawyer before he propose to be a president.
And I don't even think what goes on his mind for all above the bullshit criticize that he spread on his twitter account about all the things. I'm just confused, why would anyone look smart, but being so naive. And our people have to know, he wants to be a president.
hello? how come? if this country is led by man like that? holy crab. But, here is the point.
People excited about “What goes on Farhat”, it made ​​merealized. By always talking about him, he became more and more pleased. Because he would think there -a lot of people care about him-that’s disgusted..
in this article I just want to say "Vox populi vox dei" (voice of the people is the voice of God)
of his presence in a variety of events will surely shape his image, public opinion should be a lesson to Farhat. Your insults didn’t make him be more intelligent, It made him famous. Just stop, stop making it bigger.