Thursday, April 10, 2014

We are stranger but with memories

In your dreams were made illegal by the laws of lesser evil we call life but not tonight, cause I dare you to love. I call you back now & I end up. How it feels? hell. Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed. Through timeless words and priceless pictures.
There comes a time for us to part, Then right back to the start.
I know what I'm supposed to do to get myself away from you that I used to be when it was you and me.
you really drain my soul and even though it hurts I can't slow down, walls are closing in. Whispers of tomorrow echo in my mind.
Strong..Since I been flying and riding the wrongs. it feels almost like I had it all along.
oh.. don't mind my nerve, you could call it fiction.Cause I like being submerged in your contradictions. It's not a bird, not a plane. It's my heart and its going gone away
I could never call you mine 'Cause I could never call myself yours.  if we were really meant to be, well then we just defied destiny It's not that our love died, we just never really bloomed