Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When you was in serious relationship with underage boyfee

Did someone ever asking you to be commit? when you was in high school? Whoever you with an underage boyfee. It's normal. . I am sure, that you ever had conversation like this.

It makes spotting memory, and you've been working now, you don't want to commit before you had monthly salary more than 20 million and preparing some kind of achievement that you want to take it in the next.
Mark it! the point is 'saying things without thingking'.
sometimes, all he ever said to you just please.. don't take it too serious. If you are a girl within age below 20 y/o and you had an realationship . Do not put your self too small in front of him. Let it be. Although he is your beloved person. As soon you will realize, the times goes by, both of you was in fire to build your own bond.
Okey,You have to learn how to appreciate the feelings of men and how to understand each others, but still stick around throught day by day, until you encounter a farewell party in high school graduation. The best night ever, and the worst night after broke up. The Black and White situation. It seems to be border between sweet dreams and nightmares.

If he had been mature enough, then he will never asking you to commit. The first thing to do is, He run, visit your parents for asking you to be his wife. NOT asking you to be commit, at least he has built the trust of half the day with you when you both in exploratory by each other.

You have to see the world,  so many men in this world you've never known. Doesn't mean you have to know a lot of men in the world, but this is an opportunity to know more about how the general nature of a man, from the lessons of experience that you can accept the man that you deserve to live together.
if you want to end the single, you should think about for sure. Marriage wassn't an easy thing, all those who are married say it. but it is indeed a compulsory. We are young now, take the advantage of this time to find something good for yourself, your experience is a provision to build a better life in the future