Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Try the quiz, to kill boredom in office

working time does sometimes make sleepy head, I opened an account path see my friend posting a link quiz from I tried as much as four tests, the end result is..

I have a character like pink color. so cute!
The quiz was explained I was a very excited person, but I also can control when I had to stop & enjoy the flying times only myself and I. In my spare time, I also prepare to deal with a large force. I am a hard-working, by doing my best to excellent results. I believe this test is perfect with my personality situation. Right in time..

The second test I prove. Who I am as in a fairy tale character. as Gnome!
I can appear, and I have trouble knowing to help. But, people have to know that I was steadfest and can be a loyal friend too.

However, I dont felt embarrassed at all, if many people have told me I'm like a woman aged 25, I was lucky to get the final result, that my mental age as 25.
I did see myself had grown up, by the way how I can handle my own problems, how to accept victory and defeat, how to live a hard reality, how to be deal with my self, how to behave to many people who have a personality and a different mindset in my real age 20. :)

I was an animal beaver. Creative, practical & very well organized. I really like helping people if they in trouble.In result also said how lucky ones who close and know more me, either friends or parents.
wow, this is great! How can a quiz can be motivated to change my mood!