Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Please Stop Making Stupid People Famous

Hii readers, great feelings to start write my first posting.
I would give my opinion about topic in which lately discussed by the public.
Ever you seen the program tv show as we all know it 'Mata Najwa' ? Some time ago.. Mata Najwa presented Farhat abbas as a man who running to become The NEXT Mr.President. .
Yesterday was a day, there lot of people intensely repath video for Bung Farhat abbas and Najwa who was doing interactive talk that horrendous people in all social media is..
In the video there is a trap question by najwa which reverses question the vision of Farhat.
Najwa frequently asked questions about what the program will be made by farhat when he was selected to be president

Najwa : “ What vision you have planned if you have successfully selected as president? “
Farhat : "I will make education free of charge"
Najwa: "if everyone would get it?"
Farhat: "oh, of course not, only the smart can be free, which is not smart they have to pay"
Najwa: "okay good. How when you're at school? your paid or free?"
farhat: "I paid"
From the conversation, viewers judged that farhat is fool. And that’s all the conversations that have been horrendous society. And not only these thing that make a lot of people not enthusiastic to him. Previously he had a lot make insinuations whether it criticized political issues, celebrities, and other things. By making a lot of people angry over his sharp words. It really look creepy for a lawyer like him to say too much on his social account. Yeah, as Indonesian society, we know Farhat abbas worked as a lawyer before he propose to be a president.
And I don't even think what goes on his mind for all above the bullshit criticize that he spread on his twitter account about all the things. I'm just confused, why would anyone look smart, but being so naive. And our people have to know, he wants to be a president.
hello? how come? if this country is led by man like that? holy crab. But, here is the point.
People excited about “What goes on Farhat”, it made ​​merealized. By always talking about him, he became more and more pleased. Because he would think there -a lot of people care about him-that’s disgusted..
in this article I just want to say "Vox populi vox dei" (voice of the people is the voice of God)
of his presence in a variety of events will surely shape his image, public opinion should be a lesson to Farhat. Your insults didn’t make him be more intelligent, It made him famous. Just stop, stop making it bigger.